Gabriella Renka


Deserve To Be Found

Motion Graphics | Video Edit

Deserve To Be Found was to show and help SMBs’ good ideas to get found by customers through the most exciting entrepreneurs on Meta platfroms. Eight charismatic influencers, with a combined following of 6.1 million, across three markets were connected to these small businesses, whom were being asked SMBs to post with the hashtag #DeserveToBeFound for a chance to get a shout out from them and 1,000s of them used it. On phase 2, real, authentic shout-outs were gone out about the small businesses ideas they loved, delivered directly to millions of followers.

Over 22 weeks we delivered 586 creative variants, including: animations and videos, a full range of Facebook and Instagram formats in four languages, a suite of off-platform ads on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Programmatic display, landing pages for multiple markets and influencer content published on their own channels which drove over 13,000 uses of the hashtag, 269 million impressions and reached 47.3+ million in total.

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