Gabriella Renka


Gabriella ‘Gabs’ Renka is a Budapest based creative and graphic designer, specialising in digital designs. She experiments with a wide variety of different mediums to bring her illustrations to life. Working with both physical materials and digital media, while developing artistic commentaries on her areas of interest, such as technology, mental health, sustainability, social interaction and environmental design.

She gained UK based agency experiences with clients like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Costa, TikTok, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, Johnnie Walker, HSBC, T-Mobile, Diageo, Netflix, Bayer, Recycle Now, Boomerang UK and integrated design experiences at Unruly Group.

Few of her work include:

Managing and leading assigned creative animation projects including the Pixel 4 launch and generating ideas for various digital seasonal campaigns for Google products.

Art directing and creating a stop frame animation series for Recycle Now where her paper craft helped to form the outcome.

Leading and managing design projects from start to finish including digital and print designs for Cannes Lions and Dmexco by bringing her own creative ideas to life at an AdTech company.

Leading social campaigns for Costa, making sure all creations are aligned to the their social brand guideline created by her - including static, motion and video edits.

Now, she is currently enjoying life remotely from Budapest at an award winning UK based global creative digital agency at Analogfolk with clients like Costa, Meta, Tiktok, HSBC, and Bayer.

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