Persil challenge:

As the UK entered lockdown due to Covid-19, Persil switched their positioning from encouraging messy play outdoors, to facilitating it indoors – ‘Dirt is Good’ became ‘Home is Good’.

They partnered with National Geographic Kids to create a host of fun activities designed to inspire parents with kids aged 5-12 to get creative at home.

This digital activation to support this ‘Home Is Good’ content created a compelling reason for families to bring the adventure inside, and proudly share their creations on social media. The ‘A-listers’ characters were being selected and featured in a mini movie that premiered on social channels. ‘The Scaredy Snake’ is a story about friendship, creativity and courage where a snake gets stuck in a really big tree and calls on his pesky pebble pals for help. But Snake realises that being stuck may not be so bad, if he can just learn to ssssee thingssss differently…

Art direction – Gabriella Renka

Animation – Gabriella Renka / Margarita Ilosif

Creative idea – Kostie Kontorravdis / Tom Kemp